SKEINO featured in Vogue Knitting

We’re sorry for keeping quiet with our blog for such a long time but new endeavours were on the move.

While developing new amazing products we’ve got contacted by famous Vogue Knitting magazine to feature our Scarf-In-A-Scarf product in their Fall 2014 issue.

The Scarf-in-a-Scarf is a very unique Knitting Kit. The 100% Silk Scarf is dyed side by side with the yarn to create a perfect match in the color. The scarf is easy to knit. After the scarf has been completed, the hand painted silk scarf is then threaded in and out of the button holes (from the side of the scarf and then up through the next button hole like a “whip stitch”). This creates a beautiful candy cane effect between the knitted yarn and the silk. The user can tie the ends of the silk scarf in lots of different ways according to what they like the best. Experiment and have fun with the many combinations of ways to wear this scarf. The free pattern comes with three more options to create this Scarf-in-a-Scarf.








We’re so happy to see the SIS, as we call it internally, in Vogue and if you’re interested in the product, click here to have a look at it on SKEINO.


Have a great week,

The SKEINO team


4 thoughts on “SKEINO featured in Vogue Knitting

  1. I love this but where can I find the pattern. From the small print, it doesn’t appear to come with the S/S kit. I would gladly buy the kit and extra yarn. Putting up a scrumptious pic like that and then no way to get it—you are such a tease!

    • Hi Tracy,
      Yes the kit includes the pattern which are actually 4 in total. If you would like to sneak preview it please go to our homepage and click on the big purple “Patterns” button on the upper right hand side of the page. Then click on “Scarf-In-A-Scarf”. Once you place an order you’ll receive the full version including the actual patterns. If you have any more question or comments please feel free contacting SKEINO anytime! 🙂

  2. Actually when you click on the ‘Scarf-in-a-scarf” it says it is a broken link. I DID get in by going to the “Knitting Kits” and clicking on the “Scarf-in-a-scarf” link there.
    Looking forward to getting this! 🙂

    • Dayka, thank you for your comment. I just checked and all the links worked fine. Can you tell me where exactly you clicked when it gave you a broken link? Thank you so much! Matt from SKEINO

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