The town of Leipzig in central-east Germany was the last stop of our trip to Europe in April 2015. The town dates back to the year 1050 when it was mentioned for the first time and since then it attracted lots of celebrities through the ages such as Johann Wolfgang Goethe, the famous German writer, Johann Sebastian Bach, the iconic composer or Felix Mendelsson Bartholdy, another composer who was so very important as a conductor for Leipzig’s Gewandhaus Orchestra, just to name a few. Another thing the town of Leipzig is famous for is its trade fairs. The fair grounds go back to the middle ages and so it is no wonder they also host a great yarn show there.

The Leipzig Woll Fest in its new and shiny venue

The Leipzig Woll Fest in its new and shiny venue

Leipzig Wool Festival “Wolle – Fest” started as a small backyard meeting to sell organized yarn. The wool festival blossomed within a few years and has since become an event attracting knitters and needlework enthusiasts from all over Germany and many other countries. The longest yard was too small and the logistical challenges too big. So they pulled the wool festival 2014 into the glass hall of the New Leipzig Fair. The organizers were right: This was the place to show and sell all the beautiful yarns.

Outside Leipzig Woll Fest relaxing

The great weather made many people relax in the sun

We visited the “Wolle-Fest” for the first time. After arriving at the fair, we had to face a long line at the register. The Wool Festival in Leipzig provides a stage for a riot of color and the seductive pleasure of beautiful materials and creative ideas. We really were impressed and it was busy!

Queue to Leipzig Woll Fest

A long queue made us feel anxious to finally get into yarn paradise

Finally we arrived at the booth from our dyer. They were busy too, selling their products. You can read a full feature on our dyers here.

SKEINO's dyers in their own booth on Leipzig Wool Fest

Remember these two ladies? Our dyers from Germany had their own booth on the show

Still amazed from the show, we found a booth showing wonderful colored yarn balls with migrating long color repeats. We ordered some colors to knit samples and to present this yarn to you in Fall. Another good find was the handspun yarn from Ralph, a man we never thought he would be the creator. We will offer this yarn to you soon. Ralph promised to keep his hands busy.

Yarns on table at Leipzig Woll Fest

Yummy yarns!

Now we are finally back in Florida diving back into our daily business which is offering you the best yarns on the planet and creating exciting new models with the help of our partner vendors located in the US and Europe.

If you would like to know more about the Leipzig Wool Fest you can visit their website here or browse through their Photo Gallery* here.

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* All photographs in this post are courtesy of Leipziger Kreativ- und Strick-Café



Just before Easter we traveled across the Atlantic to visit our partner in Germany. They are the friendly folks who are dyeing the yarns for SKEINO. We thought it would be a nice idea to show you a little more about how it all looks behind the scenes, as our dyer is an important part of what makes SKEINO what it is.

SKEINO labeled yarn skein

We call this a SKEINO!

SKEINO's dyers country estate with bells in fron of it

Our dyer is located at a beautiful country estate

Closeup of builing with flower in the window

They love flowers here too!

The country estate of SKEINO's dyer

The country estate of our dyer

Our partner is a so-called “Inclusion Company” meaning that over 50% of their staff have special needs. That is a little different than a “normal” company and we think it’s a great endeavor to support for us as a yarn company. Of course this is not a common workplace because more than anywhere else you have to support your employees and in this case you have to count on specially trained people to give that support to the people who are working with you.

When we visited the staff we found out that they even came up with some new ideas and so the dyeing process is working better and more efficient than ever.

Showing some beautiful yarn

Somebody is very proud!

The main goal of such an Inclusion Company is to help people with special needs to find their place in society: They earn a competitive wage and they feel needed. After training the workers we found them to be extremely motivated and accurate in the process of hand dyeing SKEINO yarns. When we visited the staff we found out that they even came up with some new ideas and so the dyeing process is working better and more efficient than ever.

Giant Skein SKEINO

Can you guess why we call these Giant Skeins?

The company is located on a beautiful country estate in Germany and you can just breathe history there! First of all what you will see is the big mansion with its 3 giant bells in front of it. Taking a closer look you will read the name “Luther” on one of them and some prayers. It was in Germany where Martin Luther lived, where he translated the bible for the first time and where he started his Reformation movement. Looking at those bells just made us stand in awe!

Bell saying Luther on it

This bell made us stand in awe!

The workshop itself is inside a beautiful timber framed building, called “Fachwerk” in German, one of the many buildings of that style in the complex so there is lots of storage room and of course to dye yarn in.

Timber framed building

The workshop is located inside this beautiful timber framed building

Beautiful timber framed buildings on the estate

Beautiful timber framed buildings on the estate

Bjorn smiling wearing his apron

Love what you do!

Brightly colored yarns in the workshop

These are just some of the hundreds of colorways SKEINO offers

As you know we are constantly looking for new yarns, styles and of course colorways. Right now we are working on some amazing new things but those are still top-secret for now.

Yarn waiting to be shipped

Ready to be shipped…

Box full of SKEINO yarn

That’s why they call it Yarn Box!

We hope you enjoyed our little insight and that you feel as excited about it as we do. As always please feel free to ask questions or give us a suggestions in the comment section below.