We now have a Pre Order function available on Read this post to learn how to pre order with SKEINO:

Oh Joy, all 42 colorways of Arabella Shawl

These are all the 42 colorways available.

Our Arabella Shawl is so successful right now that we ran out of stock for many of the 42 colorways. Especially thanks to Staci’s amazing video tutorial we found ourselves flooded with orders. Of course it’s our goal to serve our customers the very best we can and so we came up with the Pre Order option – because we know you just love to find your very favourite colorway out of the many we offer.

Here is how it works: Whenever a colorway is not in stock at the moment your Add To Cart Button will turn into a Pre Order button. You can then choose the quantity you’d like to order and click to button to put the colorway into you shopping cart. It’s as easy as that!

SKEINO's Pre Order button for Arabella Shawl

The Add To Cart button now turns into a Pre Order button automatically

Then on the checkout page you can see that the colorway is a Pre Order which means that we won’t be able to ship it to you right away. However you can still go on with the order process, make your payment and place the (pre) order. We will then ship the item as soon as we have dyed it. We will do this as fast as our hands can go. If you would like to receive an estimation about the time the shipping will take please contact us at here or call our customer service. We will be happy to help.

On the checkout page your shopping cart will say Pre Order in bight green

On the checkout page your shopping cart will say Pre Order in bight green

As always please feel free to comment or ask anything down in the comment section. Thank you!


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