Over the last months our Arabella Shawl knitting kit has been quite popular. Every now and then we could spot gorgeous photos of the finished pieces our customers uploaded on Ravelry, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Time to organize our very own official photo contest! Looking for the most beautiful, hilarious, creative or elegant photo of your Arabella Shawl.

The competition has been running for 2 weeks and after receiving numerous photos we sat together to choose the finest photos of our finalist which was hard enough. Today we made our decision after a long and lively discussion. And what can we say.. When in doubt choose cuteness! And so it was Michelle from South Carolina, USA who won our hearts with this beautiful shot of her Arabella Shawl and her dog Webster. Congratulations Michelle!

SKEINO Arabella Shawl in colorway Misty Morning

Our Winner: Michelle’s Arabella Shawl in colorway Misty Morning

Well we did have to choose one winner but since there were so many gorgeous photos here is a gallery of our finalists:

Elizabeth sent us her lovely photos in lush surroundings.

SKEINO Arabella Shawl in colorway Palm Tree

Although placed in a needle tree this colorway is called Palm Tree

SKEINO Arabella Shawl in colorway Palm Tree

Work in progress

SKEINO Arabella Shawl in colorway Palm Tree

Who’s feet are those? 🙂

April from Pei, Canada interpreted the Arabella pattern in her very own style.

SKEINO Arabella Shawl in custom  colorway

Another way of knitting the Arabella. Ahm, is that SKEINO yarn? 😉

Anita lives in Quebec, Canada and she sent us this beautiful example of her finished piece.

SKEINO Arabella Shawl in colorway Aqua

Elegantly placed on top of a dining table this colorway is called Aqua

Agnes is all about shades of blue with her example of the Arabella Shawl.

SKEINO Arabella Shawl in colorway Delphinium

In Delphinium all colors are shades of blue

SKEINO Arabella Shawl in colorway Delphinium

This is simply gorgeous

SKEINO Arabella Shawl in colorway Delphinium

Agnes’s way to wear her Arabella Shawl

I guess now you understand why we had such a hard time choosing our winner! A big thank you to all of you who participated in the photo contest! If you like SKEINO you can always email us your photos and we’ll post them on our social media channels – The world deserves to see your work! All colorways of the Arabella Shawl can be found here:

As always please feel free to comment or ask anything in the comment section.



  1. Congratulations Michelle! Webster is just the cutest little fellow ever!!!! (and the shawl is beautiful too!)

  2. Thank You Skeino for choosing “Misty Morning” and Webster! The shawl was so fun to knit. I found I couldn’t wait to get to the next color and the yarn just flowed through my fingers! I will be picking out my prize in the next day or two, can’t wait to start another of your projects!
    Thanks again, Michelle in SC (not CA)

      • Hi Skeino! I have been very busy getting ready for a number of Fall craft shows that I will be entering. I have a favor to ask….I have tried to enlarge your email notification of the winner of the Arabella shawl contest and your logo to display with the shawl at these shows, my results were not good. I have 20′ of window wall which I will display the Arabella and another shawl on. Is there anyway you could send something that says, “First prize winner!” and your Skeino logo? A banner? Something that will fit within 10′ would be wonderful. Sorry this request is coming to you so late, but I have been trying on my own to get it large enough to be read from the aisle…… anyway, ANYTHING you can do would be greatly appreciated, and would hopefully further your name recognition and get you some new customers! My first show is on OCT 16th. Thanks so much for you help! Michelle Weeks 803-396=0944 2001 Sunflower Ct Fort Mill, SC 29707

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