During the last 2 weeks we received plenty of beautiful photos from knitters from all over the world. It’s great to see so much response from the knitting community. We really couldn’t ask for more!

You sent us all kinds of photos, in all stages of progress and using both our yarn as well as others. All of these wonderful images will be showcased in this blog post.

As you know there is a prize: the best photo will win a 100% discount on SKEINO for any of our products including free shipping. The decision wasn’t easy. We sat together for quite some time and after several cups of coffee and lively discussions we decided on our top 10.

No matter what happens, please remember: Everyone’s a winner baby, that’s the truth!


10. Jutta, Switzerland – colorway Michelle

All the way from Europe came this photo by Jutta. Her Michelle colorway is almost finished and it looks so smooth! The full forms create this nice look, almost like the surface of water with little waves in it. We’re wondering if Jutta is thinking of Lake Zurich when she knits…

Uni Kath_Ravelry-Jutta-Michelle


9. Susi Hoosier, USA – colorway Jan

Susanne named her project “Friendship” and we couldn’t think of a better title! On Ravelry she commented that it will be a Christmas present. She chose colorway Jan which comes in pastel purple and blue tones contrasted by a solid black. Her photo composition is as simple as it is beautiful with the basket holding the yarn and the shawl in progress in the front.

Hoosier Susi_Ravelry-Jan


8. Steven Self, USA – colorway Barb

First of all thumbs up for one of the few male knitters! Steven is knitting colorway Barb. We love the way those deep purple tones are contrasted by the pastel tones in the full forms. The two balls at the bottom of the photo give it a nice “work in progress” look.



7. Elly May, UK – own colorway

Elly is not using SKEINO colorways but we have to admit that these look so funky! What a color explosion this is! Stunning, as they say in the UK. This is a great example how you can use SKEINO’s free patterns on Ravelry and create your own style.

Elly May_Ravelry


6. Manuela Tudor, Canada – colorway Cindy

Manuela sent us this beautiful picture of her colorway Cindy. This is the original colorway our Tapestry Knitting technique was created with. The shawl is very colorful and Manuela did a great job contrasting the lively shawl with the neutral gray of the stone background.



5. Laura Yant, USA – colorway Sherri

Laura’s theme in this picture is fall. Her colorway Sherri is work in progress and since the rows are so short when you start knitting Miss Grace we’re sure she made very quick progress. Laura did such a great job matching the colors of the background with the Miss Grace colorway and those leaves make it even better! What a great sense of color!



4. Janice, USA – colorway Patti

Janice was brave enough to model herself in this photo and she gets an extra point for that! Her colorway Patti looks amazing – the 3 colorways creating the forms make Patti particularly interesting, we think. Also the photo composition quotes the shades of green and blue in the shawl. Note the green hat! 🙂

jdm6of18 Janice_Ravelry-Patti


3. Deana Mumbower, USA – colorway Pamela 

Deana chose colorway Pamela for her project. This collage style photo is truly artistic and we love the way she brings together the shawl with pictures of herself. A special mention goes out to her tattoo. That’s what you call a passionate knitter!



2. Ann Kobilis, USA – colorway Sherri

This photo looks like a knitting lab. Ann seems so dedicated to her Miss Grace in colorway Sherri! All the tools are ready to go and on her tablet Ann is watching Staci Perry’s video tutorial. The full package of Knitting a Miss Grace shawl!

Ann Kobilis-Sherri


1. Candy Spurzem, USA – colorway Patti

Now isn’t that picture gorgeous! Candace shows all her creativity and humour when dressing up her big Gorilla friend. We love the crown! The background is all nature and it looks like the Miss Grace king (or is it a queen?) is more than happy with Candace knitting the shawl for him (or her). Congratulations Candy, you won a FREE SKEINO product of your choice!



Honorable mentions:

Staci Perry, USA – colorway Sherri

Well, who would doubt that one of the most successful knitting bloggers out there is able to take a great photo! Staci always does such a good job when posting things she makes tutorials about. We hope many of you found her video for our Tapestry Knitting technique helpful. We cannot thank Staci enough for her great job on explaining the somewhat challenging pattern. The feedback we received was overall positive, so here goes a honourable mention to Staci!



Merrie Marks, USA – colorway Leslie

Merrie is kitting colorway Leslie. The full forms come out with a nice gradient that almost looks like a rainbow. Once finished her Miss Grace shawl will definitely be a very special piece turning many heads!



Jeanne Anderson – colorway Jeanne

Jeanne is knitting colorway Jeanne, or at least she is about to start! And that’s what we love about her picture. It looks so much like she just recently unboxed her package and is ready to go.



Hayley – own colorway

Hayley posted her project on Instagram and of course we are more than happy to showcase her work. We’re not sure what yarn she is using but the project looks beautiful.



Eileen, USA – own colorway

Eileen is using Knitpicks yarn for her project and from what we can see it looks like a big success.



We hope you enjoyed these beautiful pictures and if you participated yourself, thank you sooo much for sending your photo to us!

Please know that you can always send us pictures of your SKEINO projects. We will be more than happy to post your images on our social media channels.

Do you agree with our rating? Which picture is your personal favourite? Let us know in the comments!

…and as always: HAPPY KNITTING!!



  1. How on earth could you pick just one winner….every shawl was great. Congrats knitters you have all done a great job, I found it hard to pick a favourite. I received my first package from Skeino this week, I have started Arabella in colour Aqua ….. then I will attempt Miss Grace in
    colour way Gloria. Hope mine turns out as good as all yours. Cheers FayefromOz..

    • I loved every one, I just could not decide. Also I love all the colors, they all are bright and lovely. I most go for the earth tones, and the deep purples, blues, and liter shades of nature. I can not wait to save enough to order my kit.

  2. You were wondering correctly. I can actually see lake zurich from where I work and where I live. Great pictures from everyone. No 2 captures the challenge of the project best.

  3. Thank you, I am so enjoying this pattern. It’s very different and it;s a very satisfying challenge. I havent been knitting it for long and already i am getting lovely comments and compliments. A friend dyed my wool for me a while ago and I have been searching for just the right pattern to show case it (No 7). But I see Skeino has some amazing rainbow colours, I have pointed Mr in this direction for a possible birthday present. Thank you x

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