We get a lot of questions regarding knitting techniques and this is what the skeinoblog is for. This week a customer asked us how to connect ends from I-cord yarns, so here is a short tutorial:

You might have knitted with I-Cord yarns in the past and wondering how to connect ends or fix knots. Believe it or not but this is actually quite easy.

I-Cord yarns are kind of a “tube” yarns. With a blunt sewing needle or tapestry needle you can go inside the “tube” and thread one end into the other end.

SKEINO has two I-Cord yarns: VENICE and the yarn from the MOON SHAWL.

You can use this technique, just follow my hands:


1.Finding the opening of the tube

Cut the yarn and find the opening of the tube.




2. Gliding the needle into the tube

Then let the needle glide further into the yarn-tube.



3. Pulling the thread into the tube

Pull the thread approximately 2 inches into the yarn and bring the needle outside the yarn-tube. Unthread the needle.



4. Final fix

Pull the Yarn into the opposite direction until the end is completely in the yarn-tube.



5. Result

Here you can see, the connection is almost invisible. What remains is a slightly thicker portion of the yarn, which nobody will find.


That was quick and easy, right! Do you want to see more short tutorials like this? If you have any particular questions you would like me to explain in the skeinoblog just send me an email here.

…and as always,







  1. Thank you but I cannot work out what is going on in Picture 4 – Final Fix. It sounds like you pull the yarn back so that it sits inside the tube. Is this correct? If so, I presume the final result cannot be pulled too hard or the two pieces of yarn would separate again?

    • Hi, Aunty Lou,
      Unfortunately the pictures 3 and 4 were switched. This has been changed now.

      After pulling the needle out of the tube (after 2 inches) and unthreaded the needle, the yarn is being pulled out until the end (inserted into the tube) disappears.

      Than it will look like in picture 5. You are right, it sits inside the tube. You are correct on something else as well: you cannot pull the two pieces too hardly, because they will separate again. But after knitting it is like knitting a few stitches with booth yarns and it will not come apart.

      Thank you for your comment to our blog. Bjorn

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