While it’s always a gamble to prevent trends for the upcoming year, most of us crafters still enjoy doing it. We talked to people from the industry, scoured Ravelry and looked at any other sources we could find to bring you a glimpse of what is widely considered to be the knitting trends for 2016. Some of them are developments that started years ago but are still going strong, while others popped up specifically for 2016. Here are our picks for the knitting trends 2016:

  1. Sustainability

This is one of those trends that have been growing for years now. Knitters are placing more and more value on the fact that the yarns are being produced in a way that is sustainable for the animals and the people involved.

Customers want to know about the yarns they are working with – all the way from the beginning. Loving their craft, knitters feel that they shouldn’t be dependent on a huge and automated industry but rather on craftsmanship when it comes to the yarns that they use for knitting. This includes hand painted fibers, yarn co-ops, eco-friendly dyeing colors and protecting animal rights.

More and more yarn companies and people in the fiber-producing sector feel the same way and they follow these values very successfully.

  1. Reinventing Knitting

Yarn companies are becoming more and more confident to think outside the box. Examples are super-super-bulky yarns, combining weaving techniques with knitting (Tapestry Knitting) or creating super-projects. This particular trend starts out with several normal knitting projects that are later combined into a huge super-project (such as Blankets and Afghans).

We are sure that there will be many more new products popping up in 2016 but creative thinking is definitely something that will continue to be big this year. We at SKEINO hope to have our fair share on creating new trends.

  1. 2016 Knitting Yarn Colors

This is where it’s getting complicated. Predicting colors for a whole year is quite an endeavor. However let’s look into what seems to be a guideline for many yarn companies in 2016:

One important trend is Black & White. Subtle and elegant colors in all shades between black and white are always working well, especially for the winter season and for evening garments and accessories. The Black & White allows you to have endless possibilities with it comes to the color of your blouse or dress that you want to wear with a garment of this colorway.

One company that knows a lot about colors is Pantone. Every year from their perspective they point out what they think will be the trends of the year. For 2016 Pantone named Rose Quartz and Serenity as the colors of the year. Pastel tones continue to be big and we think that makes a lot of sense as they are easy to combine and will soften your mood.


So there you have it – three knitting trends for 2016. We at SKEINO will definitely go with the first two knitting trends. When it comes to colors we will depend on Bjorn’s experience and talent as an artist & designer. Here at SKEINO we strive to invent trends ourselves rather than being a follower.

Do you agree with our list? Have you heard of any other trends? Let us know in the comments!

…and as always – HAPPY KNITTING!


4 thoughts on “3 KNITTING TRENDS FOR 2016

  1. The first trend is extremely exiting to me. I am currently in university, studying the environment and how people interact with it, and sustainability plays a huge role in the field. It is terribly exciting to see that concern for sustainable practices is big enough in the fiber world that it can make it to an article like this. It would be quite interesting to survey exactly how many people in the fiber community are concerned about this issue. Although being sustainable in every part of the production of yarns is an enormous commitment, and complex to set up, it is something I think we could strive for. Making something with a fiber that you know has been crafted with attention and care makes the finished project so much more meaningful.

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