In this episode I will show you 4 ribs I absolutely love. They are really easy to knit so join me with your needles!

Using ribs is a another fantastic way to customize a knitting pattern or to design your own pattern. I honestly think that anyone can be a knitting designer, if he or she is creative and likes to play with his or her knitting.

I hope you like these 4 ribs I am showing in the video. I truly love them and I have used them a lot in my designs. By the way since I am a combination knitter you might have to adapt your knitting a little bit. We had a great comment on Youtube from user Judy Vallas who explains in a comment below the video how you can adapt your knitting if you are not a combination knitter. Thank you Judy!


So what do you think about rib knitting? Also if you have a subject you would like me to cover in a future episode, please let me know in the comments!

…And as always,
#happyknitting !



4 thoughts on “RIB KNITTING: 4 RIBS I LOVE

  1. Hi Bjorn.
    I love your tutorials. But I would appreciate it if the rib stitches had written directions available for each of the ribs you taught. It would be so much easier to practice with print in hand. I hope that is something you will consider doing. Thank you.

    • Dear Clara,
      Thank you for your comment.
      To do these lettle tutorials is fun but new for me.
      Therefor I am very open for suggestions and comments to do better.
      I promise that I will work on these small patterns for the ribs soon, so you can practice.

  2. You are so accommodating. It is always a pleasure to watch you. I to, would love written instructions. many thanks for the great job. Lynne

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