Yarn insights is a video series of 5 episodes where I will explain the kinds of different yarns out there. We will publish a new episode each week so make sure to stay tuned to not miss anything.

In this third episode I will talk about fancy and textured yarns. They are very playful fibers that can be used to create a special texture for your project. For example, we are using Boucle yarn on several of our knitting kits because it just makes the piece look so much more interesting. Follow me as I walk you through the different kinds of fancy and textured yarns in this knitting video.

Click on the image above to watch the video.

I hope you liked this episode of Yarn Insights and maybe you have even learned something new. As usual I am here to reply to your questions and recommendations in the comment section or right on Youtube. Please do also subscribe to SKEINO’s Youtube channel for more interesting videos all about knitting.

…And as always: #happyknitting






  1. Hi Bjorn, I love you teaching us about the yarns and the difference in each one. My question to you is…I am needing a WW sock yarn. Is there such a thing? I want to make a thick pair of socks for boots or running around the house in wool and nylon. At least a 75% wool-25% nylon or close to this %, but really would like the WW yarn for this and not holding 2 yarns together to make a WW yarn. TY
    I’m still in love with you! Lol


  2. Dear Alicia,
    Thank you for your comments and your question.
    At this time we do not have a sock yarn in Worsted Weight, containing 25% Nylon. Our superwash Merino yarn which is WW (Francesca) is spun from 100% Fine Merino and I think it will not be as strong as it should be for socks.
    What I will do is this There are smaller yarn producer in the USA and they might carry such a yarn. lets be in touch and as soon as I have a positive result I will let you know.
    All the Best and Happy Knitting !

  3. Dear Alicia,
    I found a yarn 60% Merino and 40% Bamboo, 3-ply. The gauge is 4 -4.5 sts per inch on needle #6-7. One 3.5 oz. skein has 250 yards. It is not a superwash yarn.
    will this work?

    • TY, I’m going to try my first pair of socks. I want to order your sock yarn to make gifts for Christmas. But first I want to make sure I can knit socks. You are such a help to me, I love your yarns. Love you!


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