We have received many requests for a full knitting tutorial featuring our Cruise Shawl. The pattern is really not that difficult and of course we will go the extra mile to make sure you have fun knitting the Cruise Shawl and so we recorded our longest and most complete knitting tutorial yet…

The tutorial has a total of 4 parts:

In the opening section I will show you the overall construction of the shawl and where the increase and decrease lines can be found on the finished piece. There is a total of 7 sections.

Now let’s get to the actual knitting and in part 1 we will jump right on the pattern and start a new Cruise Shawl in colorway Samantha. Part 2 deals with the set-up row and I will show you how the lace row is done in part 3.

Click on the image above to watch the video

I hope you enjoyed this knitting tutorial and that I could help you with any doubts you might have with the Cruise Shawl pattern.

Please let me know how you liked this new format and what I can make better for future tutorials. This is a learning experience and we try to increase the quality of our videos with each episode.

For example our friend John, who is a professional carpenter, made this great overhead filming rack for us. Fully hand made and customized for making our knitting tutorials we think it makes shooting our videoblog so much easier and your watching experience better.

Here is a glimpse behind the scenes:
The building instructions for this rack can be found here.

…And as always: #happyknitting



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