I truly love designing and knitting triangular shawls. Therefore at SKEINO you will find a large number of knitting kits, which are triangular shawls. Today I will show you 4 ways to knit a triangular shawl yourself. Please feel free to try this at home!


In case you want to watch a particular technique, but not all of them, here are some time-coded links. This will also make it easier for you to revisit a certain technique in case you got stuck.

Increase on the center line

Part 1: Knitting from the bottom up

Part 2: Knitting from the top down


Increase on the left or right tip

Part 3: Shoulder line as an edge

Part 4: Diagonal line as an edge


I hope you liked this episode. Now you should have a good idea about how to knit your own triangular shawl. If you want to knit any of my designs please visit SKEINO. You can also use your own stash and try out one or another of the techniques above. For questions or recommendations please let me know in the comments!

…And as always: #happyknitting






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