A customer asked me if I could teach her how to knit in the round and I told her that I would make a video about it. If you are also unsure or curious about the technique this video is for you. Knitting in the round is really quite simple if you take care of a few basics. Let me walk you through them in the video.



I hope you could take something away from this short class. If you have questions or comments please let me know in the comments or right on Youtube.




2 thoughts on “HOW TO KNIT IN THE ROUND

  1. Hej Bjorn, I love knitting in the round! Thanks for spreading the news on this wonderful technique! I am a knitfitti knitter, backpacking for a year so have a very limited knit-kit with me and my circular needles are all I have, and realistically all I need. I remember trying to figure out how to knit in the round with them though and it was not an intuitive experience, tutorials are essential!

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