Before meeting with my family for Christmas I travelled to Berlin to enjoy a few happy hours on the city’s wonderful Christmas markets, which I intended to share with all of you. Unfortunately the horrible terrorist attack happened, right before we arrived in Berlin.

We decided to make this video anyway in order to show you just how strong the people of Berlin are in these difficult moments. After all it is Christmas and we want to get together with our families and loved ones. We shot this video on December 21st and I think you can see the strong reaction of Berliners showing that they are not afraid.

Our condolences go to all of the people who have lost friends, loved ones or family in Berlin on December 19th 2016.



This Garter stitch project is fast and easy. Follow me along as I walk you through the new SKEINO Monica Scarf or Cowl. The 3 skein project creates a lovely color transition and it can be knitted as a scarf or as a cowl.

The Monica Scarf or Cowl knitting kit can be found here: http://ss1.us/a/hmhxpvWW

As always please comment or ask here or on Youtube! I will be travelling over the holidays but I’ll try to keep up with your messages the best I can!  🙂





Today I will not present a tutorial to you but an announcement. I thought that you might be interested to learn about our big Holiday Sale.

For a limited time we are offering dozens of wonderful knitting kits at amazing prices and they make great gifts for the holidays.

In this video I will show you some of our shawl kits. All of these are 50% off until December 31st.

Stocks are limited and these kits will be gone when gone. If you find something you like we would be more than happy to fill your order.

The Holiday Sale can be found here: http://ss1.us/a/ACjdiYKN


Happy Knitting Holidays! 🙂





This time I will show you the SKEINO Merrell Hat and Scarf, a knitting kit that will not only knit up a scarf but a hat too! It is a 2-yarn project and super easy to do, even if you are a beginner knitter.

In the first part of this episode I will explain the structure of the scarf and the hat.
In part two I will show you how to knit the piece and why the scarf tends to create a bias form on its own. Watch my special advice for edging and yarn changes.

If you like this kit you can find it here: http://ss1.us/a/D2ps7gVO
On the product page you will also be able to download the pattern for free.

Watch this video if you want to take a closer look at the yarn or if you want to reassure yourself just how easy this project is to knit.


…And as always: Happy Knitting!