In this episode I will present a new kit I designed for SKEINO: The Donna Infinity-Cowl-Scarf. It is made using one skein of our Donna Super-Bulky yarn.

There are 3 quick and easy to knit patterns that came with each kit. You can choose your favorite option at home.

Oh, and of course there are some knitting tips in here too! 🙂

As always the patterns are free to download on our product page.
You can find the Donna Infinity-Cowl-Scarf Kit here: http://ss1.us/a/l9h9sy7D


Here are some photos of the 3 designs:

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This knitting tutorial is about SKEINO’s new Tapestry Vest. Follow me along as I walk you through the construction of the vest in the video.

I will show you the finished front and back first and then we will go into detail with the construction of each of these parts.

The Tapestry Vest is really fun to knit! As always you can download the complete pattern on our product page as a PDF link.

The knitting kit for the Tapestry Vest can be found here: http://ss1.us/a/3Jq877RT




Please let me know what you think about the Tapestry Vest in the comments or on Youtube.





Today I have a special episode for you! In this knitting tutorial I will show you how to knit a sweater at a beginner’s level. This is a cuff-to-cuff design which will make the Cuddle Sweater an easy to knit piece.

I will explain the overall construction and how you can create your very own design: You can choose the length and width of the cuffs as well the overall fit of the sweater.

We will also look into seaming and crocheting the neck opening. A classic crewneck or a turtleneck – it’s all up to you!



I hope I could inspire you to be creative with this sweater design! We are offering this as a kit on SKEINO in 2 packs: XS-L and XL-XXL. You can also add a single skein to your order to be extra creative!

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In this episode I will introduce our Donna Vest. This wonderful knitting kit is using our Donna Yarn in super bulky weight. Although I’m not actually knitting in the video I will show you how the project is constructed as well as mention a few things you should know before knitting the Donna Vest.

You can purchase the kit and download the free pattern here:


What do you think about this new design? I can see this to be worn over a blouse or a shirt. The super bulky texture is a great contrast. Do you agree? Please let me know in the comments.





The Annette Shawl is based on our Bauhaus Mitered Shawl. In this video I will show you which yarn is being used, the construction as well as a few design options. As always with SKEINO the pattern is free. You can download it by scrolling down to the “Download Pattern” section on the product page.

To knit the Annette Shawl yourself click here:

Do also check out our Bauhaus Mitered Shawl here:



Please let me know what you think about this design in the comments or on Youtube. This approach is a little less modern than our Bauhaus Mitered Shawl. Which one do you like best?




In this instalment we will talk about how knitting fibers are being spun. You would be surprised how many possibilities there are. To start with, all animal and all synthetic fibers require to be spun so they can become a yarn.


In preparation for the spinning process the fibers will be cleaned and combed to be as parallel as possible. The spindle on a spinning wheel or a spinning machine will do the same process, twisting the fibers in one direction and creating a yarn. The fibers can be twisted in two different directions: clockwise or counterclockwise. The industry calls this an S-twist or a Z-twist.

The result is a single Z-yarn or S-yarn. It can be twisted tight or loose. This graphic shows its structure:


To knit with a single yarn can be tricky. If the yarn is spun too tight it will make “piggy tails” and the knitted piece always wants to take on a diagonal shape. Sometimes this can be fixed by washing or blocking the piece.

SKEINO’s Paola Yarn is a single Z-yarn and it is perfectly twisted to be a great yarn with the most softness.

SKEINO’s Paola Yarn is a Z-single yarn


However most yarns in the industry are plied yarns, mainly 2-ply yarns. Two single S-yarns or Z-yarns are twisted together in the other direction to become a 2-ply S-yarn or 2-ply-Z-yarn.


The second twist always releases the “first yarn making twist” and this yarn will never piggy tail or give you any problems shaping a piece.

SKEINO’s Bianca, Gina, Sophia and Violeta yarns are 2-ply S-yarns and they are perfectly twisted to become a wonderful Lace, Sock, Fingering or DK yarn with the most softness.

Fingering 2-ply

SKEINO’s Bianca, Gina, Sophia and Violeta yarn are 2-ply S-yarns

BIANCA (800x800)

SKEINO Bianca Yarn knitted up


SKEINO Sophia Yarn knitted up

VIOLETTA (800x800)

SKEINO Violetta Yarn knitted up


Special yarns can be twisted several times. Usually they are twisted “back and forth” to create a cord-like or pearl-like look. These yarns are heavier in weight and knitting up worsted and thicker.

This “yarn tree” is the symbol of a multi twist yarn sample. Two single S-yarns are twisted into a 2-ply Z-yarn. Three of these yarns are twisted together into a 3-ply S-yarn.


SKEINO’s Francesca, Monica and Donna yarn are multi ply yarn’s and they are perfectly twisted to become a wonderful Worsted, Bulky and Super Bulky – Yarn with the most softness.

SKEINO Donna Yarn knitted up

SKEINO Donna Yarn knitted up

SKEINO Francesca Yarn knitted up

SKEINO Francesca Yarn knitted up

SKEINO Monica Yarn knitted up

SKEINO Monica Yarn knitted up

I hope you enjoyed this little explanation and that it was not too technical. For me as a designer this is what I work with every day and I love to do it. The way fibers are spun also determines by a great deal what we can do with them and that is what makes it so extremely important. As a designer you have to know your stuff in order to create pieces that are both beautiful and technically flawless.

Which is your favourite fiber to knit with? Do you prefer the singles, 2-plies or the special yarns? Let me know in the comment section!

…And as always: HAPPY KNITTING !!