From now our weekly video episodes will feature more knitting tutorials supporting the featured kit in the newsletter. That way you can discover our new kits even quicker and you will have direct support using the comments section.

This week Bjorn will start with the wonderful Bauhaus Mitered Shawl:

The design of SKEINO’s MITERED SHAWL was inspired by the German BAUHAUS school of design. Bjorn’s weaving teacher Margarete Reichardt was a former Bauhaus student. She studied under the direction of Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky. In memory of his time working with her in her workshop he created this shawl.

The easy design is based on three mitered squares which are seamlessly worked in one piece to form the shawl. This luscious yarn is DK weight and the fibers are extra fine merino 19.5 micron. The yarn is treated superwash for an easy care. The Garter Stitch pattern supports the characteristic graphical shape.

The design comes in two different color options:

1. Three skeins in the same color: The first skein will be knitted up in a diamond shaped square with an increase line in the middle. After finishing this you use half of the stitches for a right and a left second and third square of the same size. These two squares have a decrease line in the center.

2. Three skeins in three different colors: All three colors are being used for the three squares. The pattern provides a chart, which is easy to follow. Otherwise everything is the same.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to knit this exiting piece for yourself or someone else. This interesting shape is very easy to knit. The handpainted yarn will not pool or zigzag because of the constant increases or decreases. The three color version will create a stunning effect, almost a one of a kind piece.

This is a great beginners piece and you will have fun with it when you see the construction growing.


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In this episode I will talk about a fun subject: How to knit bobbles.
If you have never knitted bobbles or bubbles before you will find that it’s not too difficult. I’m using two different colored yarns so that it is easy to see for you.

I hope you liked this episode. As always any comments or questions are more than welcome.




I really love to think out of the box when knitting. One such thing is combining different yarns in the same knitting project. In this video I will show you a few examples of my designs where I did combine knitting yarns using the same pattern.

If you want to knit one of these designs yourself here are the links to our SKEINO website where you can find them. These knitting kits are on sale and will eventually be gone so some of these links might not work in a few weeks from now:

2-Yarn Scarf 

Bertie’s Shawl

Lengthwise Scarf

Feather And Fan Afghan


I hope you liked this episode. Now you should have a good idea about how to knit with different yarns in one project. If you want to knit any of my designs please visit SKEINO. You can also use your own stash and try out one or another of the techniques above. For questions or recommendations please let me know in the comments!

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In this video I will show you how to pick up stitches. This will allow you to add something to a piece you have knitted before. It is surprisingly easy so follow me as I show you how it works in this knitting tutorial.



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A customer recently told me that she didn’t know what “Make One” (M1) means. I said I would be more than happy to cover the subject on the SKEINO video blog.

Making One is really simple and in this video I will show you a few options to do so.


So what do you think about Making One Stitch? Also if you have a subject you would like me to cover in a future episode, please let me know in the comments here or on Youtube!

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In this video I will show you how to join to yarns without having to weave in ends. This technique is needed for many knitting projects. I will use our SKEINO Nohea Shawl as an example.


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After publishing last week’s episode in which I talked about how to knit perfect edges we received so much great feedback from our SKEINO community and our customers. There were also plenty of questions about edging for Stockinette Stitch.

This is why I decided to make another video about edges and of course this time we are focussing on how to knit edges for Stockinette Stitch.

As you might know this technique tends to make your knitted piece “roll up”. Although this can’t be avoided completely I found out that you can keep rolling up to a minimum using the techniques I will be explaining in this video of our weekly knitting blog.


I hope you liked the video. For questions and other feedback please feel free to contact me in the comments section here or on Youtube.

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