Knitting Harlequin for a better life!

We slightly changed Angela’s leitmotiv…

“Better Living Through Knitting”

…to be the title of this post because we think it’s awesome. Positive and motivating is what knitting is supposed to be! So who is Angela you may ask?

Angela Hockabout is a blogger, mom, wife. crafter, succulent gardener and co-op preschool parent. Her blog is called and she recently wrote a review about our Harlequin Yarn. The review is nice and detailed while being totally objective. There is lots of other cool stuff on her site too such as Learn To Knit, Gift Ideas and her favourite yarn shops. Hopefully Angela will add SKEINO to the latter! 🙂

We hope you will enjoy KnitLuck as much as we do!

Here is the link for the full story:

SKEINO Harlequin Meadow KnitLuck

This is one of Angela’s photos of our Harlequin yarn. Click on the picture to read her review

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SKEINO Explains: How To Knit In A Bias

Today we will be talking techniques. This might sound scary but don’t worry it will be an easy technique that you can quickly adapt and use on your projects: Knitting in a bias

To knit a shawl in a bias (diamond) shape always looks special. The shape creates a wide part around the neck and the shawl ends in a point to easily tie it without making it bulky. The shape also allows a longer finished size from the same amount of yarn.

Bias Technique

Knitting in a bias is fairly simple

The increase and decrease line will be in a 45 degree angle. Therefore the edges need an increase/decrease of 2 stitches every other row. The first/last stitch needs to be extra long otherwise the diagonal of 45 degrees will be too short.

The solution is to knit the edge stitches twice (K2x) as follows:

Knit the stitch, put this stitch back onto your left needle and knit this stitch again.

For a perfect edge follow these directions:

First Row:

Slip the first stitch as if to purl, K2tog, K2tog, work to the last three stitches of the row, make one, knit one, make one, knit one, knit the last stitch twice (K2x).

Second Row:

Slip the first stitch as if to purl, work to the last stitch of the row and knit the last stitch twice (K2x).

To do so it is very easy and good for Beginners. You will love the shape.

I hope this post will make you cast on and try this easy and beautiful technique. At SKEINO we designed these two items in bias:


Eight single skeins in a multicolor sequence are braided into this SHAWL KNITTING KIT. The basic Garter Stitch creates (through decrease and increase rows) an easy knitted on the bias shaped piece, good for beginners. This puffy Alpaca Boucle Yarn is feather light and it turns this shawl into a soft cuddling piece. The yarn changes are easy and you will finish this shawl in no time.

SKEINO 8-Color Bias Shawl

SKEINO 8-Color Bias Shawl


This BIAS SHAWL uses one ball of SKEINO’s HARLEQUIN YARN. The easy Garter Stitch knitting is great for beginners. The shape is designed by 2 stitch increases and decreases. To have a perfect diagonal edge, the last stitch of each row needs to be knitted twice. Enjoy knitting with the buttery soft yarn and watch the colors changing. We are sure you will enjoy this light cloudy shawl on a cool Spring day.

SKEINO Harlequin Bias Shawl

SKEINO Harlequin Bias Shawl

What do you think about knitting in bias? Let us know in the comment section!

Photos Stitches West 2015

On February 17th, Amie & Steve headed straight to Santa Clara / CA with a carload full of yarns, patterns and finished pieces. The show was super-busy and there was rarely time to eat. However many customers also means a successful show. We are always so happy to receive direct feedback from our customers and so each day ended with a big smile on our faces as our work is being appreciated by so many people now. This is really wonderful! Here are a few photos of our booth taken early in the morning before all the buzz started:

SKEINO stand at Stitches West 2015

SKEINO stand at Stitches West 2015

Finished pieces and socks

Finished pieces and socks

Harlequin Yarn Balls

Our Harlequin yarn comes in 7 friendly colors

Table with Harlequin yarn balls

More Harlequin yarn balls and Lacy Shrug knitting kits

The fabulous Tencel Merino Superwash Yarn tower!

The fabulous Tencel Merino Superwash Yarn tower!


An Introduction To Yarn Fineness – The Harlequin Story

Today we are giving you a view behind the scenes of SKEINO. Our textile designer Bjorn is talking fibres i.e. he explains the development process of SKEINO’s newest product, the harlequin yarn.

in 2010 a soft ultra-fine 10 micron fleece, set a new world record in the fineness of wool fleeces.

Yarn fineness is measured in microns. These cones are about to get hand painted for SKEINO.

Yarn fineness is measured in microns. These cones are about to get hand painted for SKEINO.

Let’s start with some general information about the fineness of fibers: The finest bale of wool ever sold measured 11.6 microns in June, 2008. However in 2010 a soft ultra-fine 10 micron fleece, set a new world record in the fineness of wool fleeces. A micron (micrometer – a millions of a meter) is a measurement used to express the diameter of a wool fiber. The lower the microns, the finer the fibers.

Clear price differentials exist for different fiber diameters.

The fiber diameter is the most important characteristic for all textile fibers. Most wool between 11.5 and 24 microns in fiber diameter is made into clothing. The remainder is used for other textiles such as blankets, insulation and furnishings. Clear price differentials exist for different fiber diameters and in almost all cases the price increases as the diameter decreases.

SKEINO's Harlequin yarn

SKEINO’s Harlequin yarn

In a general sense, the super fine Merino fibers are similar to cashmere. This is why we decided to choose the 19.5 micron fibers for the HARLEQUIN yarn. One ball contains 600 yards of worsted weight single spun yarn, long and random color repeat, 7 oz. (200 grams). While knitting this yarn, you can watch the randomly changing colorway, self striping. As always at SKEINO, patterns are free with your purchase. Click here to take a closer look at our Harlequin yarn:

We hope to have given you some insight to yarn thinness and why Bjorn chose 19.5 microns for our Harlequin yarn. As always please let us know your thoughts or ask us in the comment section section down below.