This time I will show you the SKEINO Merrell Hat and Scarf, a knitting kit that will not only knit up a scarf but a hat too! It is a 2-yarn project and super easy to do, even if you are a beginner knitter.

In the first part of this episode I will explain the structure of the scarf and the hat.
In part two I will show you how to knit the piece and why the scarf tends to create a bias form on its own. Watch my special advice for edging and yarn changes.

If you like this kit you can find it here:
On the product page you will also be able to download the pattern for free.

Watch this video if you want to take a closer look at the yarn or if you want to reassure yourself just how easy this project is to knit.


…And as always: Happy Knitting!





In this episode I will present a new kit I designed for SKEINO: The Donna Infinity-Cowl-Scarf. It is made using one skein of our Donna Super-Bulky yarn.

There are 3 quick and easy to knit patterns that came with each kit. You can choose your favorite option at home.

Oh, and of course there are some knitting tips in here too! 🙂

As always the patterns are free to download on our product page.
You can find the Donna Infinity-Cowl-Scarf Kit here:


Here are some photos of the 3 designs:

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Today I have a special episode for you! In this knitting tutorial I will show you how to knit a sweater at a beginner’s level. This is a cuff-to-cuff design which will make the Cuddle Sweater an easy to knit piece.

I will explain the overall construction and how you can create your very own design: You can choose the length and width of the cuffs as well the overall fit of the sweater.

We will also look into seaming and crocheting the neck opening. A classic crewneck or a turtleneck – it’s all up to you!



I hope I could inspire you to be creative with this sweater design! We are offering this as a kit on SKEINO in 2 packs: XS-L and XL-XXL. You can also add a single skein to your order to be extra creative!

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The Sock Yarn Diaries – Part 1: Donegal Sock Yarn

Since SKEINO opened it’s doors we offered sock yarns to our customers. We thought it would be a good idea to let you know a little bit more about why we work with these yarns and give you some insight about the history, characteristics and unique facts of each of them.

At this time, we have a collection of four different yarns at SKEINO which are perfect for sock knitting: DONEGAL, CORRIEDALE, MERINO-NYLON and TENCEL. All four yarns are Fingering Weight. The 4 oz. skeins provide between 416 and 465 yards of yarn, which can be knitted up to make a good pair of socks with at least a 4 inch shaft. All of SKEINO’s sock yarns come in our opera colorways, named after the world’s most famous and beautiful operas.

Today let’s take a closer look at the DONEGAL SOCK YARN

The name Donegal refers to a town in Scotland.

The Donegal Sock Yarn is a tweed yarn with little colorful Rayon Flex spun into the yarn:

65% Merino Wool / 25% Nylon / 10% Viscose (Rayon Flecks)

One skein contains a generous 465 yards of the 4-ply machine washable yarn and comes in many colors.


SKEINO Donegal Sock Yarn in colorway Lohengrin. Note the rayon flecks that are typical for this yarn.

Finished Donegal socks in colorway Tosca

Finished Donegal socks in colorway Tosca

The name Donegal refers to a town in Scotland. Donegal Yarn is reputed to be influenced by the green valleys and hills flecked with grey and white stones of its landscape.  It also features the purple, pink and blue heathers of Summer, golden shades of Autumn, the red berries of the Rowan and Holly trees in Winter and the yellow blooms of the Gorse bush in Spring – unique features never seen in any other yarn. The Donegal yarn consists of a base blend of up to six individual colors with a further seven or eight contrasting solid flecks dotted along the surface of the yarn. The skill and craft in producing this yarn lies in the ability to attach the fleck while keeping the solid contrasting feature of the fleck intact. (source:

Here is a great video where you can see the whole process from shearing up to the finished woven pieces. We love the accent!

To reflect the concentration on flecked/nepp effect yarns and the increased internationalization of the customer base the business was renamed Donegal Yarns in 2008 and remained with this name ever since.

As you can see Donegal has a rather special story and we hope you like it as much as we do. And when it comes to the yarn we think it’s not only pretty but also perfect for sock knitting. This concludes part 1 of your sock yarn diaries. Stay tuned for the next episodes of the series which we will publish soon.

Happy knitting and as always please feel free to comment on or ask us anything.